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For over three hundred years Africans have lived and enjoyed the best mother nature has to offer. From the rich and diverse cultures to consuming products made from naturally grown and chemical free ingredients. History tells us that Africa is the mother of all creation. And we at Mother Africa Importers strongly believe in equal share and opportunity for all. We strongly believe that all of Mother Africa's children, irrespective of their location on the planet should enjoy the fruits of our mother.

Many on the African continent are aware of the benefits of products such as the african black soap and shea butter, but most of us that do not dwell on the African continet are unaware of the numerous benefits of these and similar products. Our mission therefore is to bring awareness of these products to the world. We want to provide you with an all naturally grown products free from chemicals and toxins for your overall health.

Discover Africa's skin care secret

Use the excellent external body wash; the all natural original African moisturizing black soap. An all natural product most effient as a facial cleanser and body wash. Mother Africa's all natural and unprocessed shea butter will give your skin all the food it requires daily. Africans have known and used shea butter for many years. The benefits of she butter are enormouse. For example, shea butter can be used as hair moisturizer to give you strong and heathy hair, while promoting growth. It has also been used in many parts of Africa as body moisturizer.Shea butter can help soften tougth skin on feet (especially heels), and can also even out your skin tone.

To provide income opportunities for families in Northern Ghana's shea butter producing communities

For decades in Northern Ghana, subsistence farming has been the way of life. Women in towns and villages around Tamale boost their incomes by engaging in a number of activity such as small scale subsistence farming and shea butter making and selling. Like cash crop farming and subsistence farming, income from shea butter making and selling are barely enougth to keep these women and their families above subsistence.

Fortunately for these women, shea butter production can occur year round in this semi-arid part of the country. Thus providing significant income opportunities for the women engaged in the making and selling of shea butter. Without this income, many families in the towns and villages around Tamale will find it very difficult to provide food for themselves and their famillies.

The best part of it is, shea butter produced in northern Ghana is pure, natural and, hand-made using age old traditional Ghanaian methods. The production processes does not utilize chemicals or solvents. This means when you purchase Mother Africa products, you are not only helping poor women earn income. You are also getting pure and unrefined natural product that does not contain any chemical solvents.